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Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Surgery)

by Dr. Karoon Agrawal

Let’s face it: Men with chiseled chests appear more attractive. It’s acceptable to not have rock-hard pecs, but it’s also unacceptable to have droopy breasts.

As the data suggests, the typical hormonal changes associated with puberty cause up to 70% of boys in the early to mid-puberty period to develop gynecomastia.

Its an issue which ruins your aesthetic appearance, it can lead you to question your sexual identity causing a much larger and long lasting impact on your social functioning and self esteem.

“Dr. Karoon Sir operated on my teenage daughter for her facial corrections. Enhanced her beauty and helped her to boost her confidence.”

I have enlarged breasts, should I go for gynecomastia surgery?

Even the mildest cases of gynecomastia can result in self-consciousness and prevent you from feeing your best.

You can opt for gynecomastia surgery if you feel uncomfortable with your enlarged breast tissue. It doesn’t have to be severe to justify treatment, whether you experience puffy nipples, a rounded chest, or more severe breast sagging, you could benefit from a male breast reduction.

Here’s how Dr. Karoon will approach your male breast reduction surgery

Depending on the degree of enlargement, Dr. karoon will approach your male breast reduction surgery in one of the three ways

1. Male Breast Reduction with Liposuction Alone (Mild to Moderate Cases)

For mild to moderate cases, Dr. Karoon will remove fat in breast area via liposuction alone, which avoids any incisions outside of small poke holes in a few regions of the breast area. Liposuction incisions are only a few millimeters across and typically heal to essentially imperceptible scars, which is one of the reasons liposuction is the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure of the body nationwide. This method also minimizes recovery and downtime.

Male Breast Reduction with Periareolar Incision (Moderate Cases)

For moderate cases, Dr. Karoon will combine the above liposuction-based approach with an incision around the bottom half of the nipple areolar complex. The areola is the more darkly pigmented area around the nipple. He will remove breast glandular tissue via direct excision and with liposuction. After surgery, the patient will have a relatively invisible scar along the border of the areola.

Male Breast Reduction with Under-Breast Incision (Severe Cases)

For more severe cases of gynecomastia, Dr. Karoon will employ what is known as a modified Roberts pattern. In this case, the patient will have an incision along the fold below the breast after surgery. It is also possible to remove excess skin, deposits of fat, and breast glandular tissue by making small incisions hidden in the armpit.

What about healing?

Depending on the degree of enlargement, Dr. Karoon will approach your male breast reduction surgery in one of the three ways

You are advised to resume normal activities within 2-3 days post surgery. However heavy and strenuous work may wait for 2 weeks.

During this time, you may experience minor discomfort while raising your arms and slight stiffness in the chest region. This eventually goes away in a few days.

What are the risks?

Male breast reduction surgery is overwhelmingly safe when performed by an experienced aesthetic and reconstructive  surgeon. Dr. Karoon uses the latest techniques to ensure patient safety, comfort, and to minimize the risk of complications. 

However, as with all surgeries, there are possible, though rare, complications including:

  • Infection of the incision sites
  • Wound breakdown
  • Alterations in nipple sensation
  • Hypertrophic, raised, scarring
  • Bleeding or hematoma formation

Dr. Karoon’s Expertise in Aesthetic Surgery

Specializing in a wide range of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery procedures, Dr. Karoon Agrawal has been delivering unparalleled results for the last 40 years. His innovations in this field have been lauded by both patients and peers alike for their effectiveness and industry minimum complication rates leading him to be awarded the lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the field of Plastic Surgery in India. In addition to being the Director Professor and Head of the Plastic Surgery Departments of Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi and JIPMER Hospital in Pondicherry, he has conducted workshops and lectures to train Plastic Surgeons around the world. He has also been the advisor to the Govt. of India and is on the medical advisory board of Smile Train, the largest global non-profit organization for cleft surgeries based out of the USA. In addition, he has published the world’s first six volume Plastic Surgery Textbook from a developing country.

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Frequently asked questions before consultation

Patient care starts with a thorough consultation. During this initial meeting, Dr. Karoon Agrawal examines the degree of enlargement of your gynecomastia, reviews your medical history. He also takes time to answer all of your questions. Afterward, he provides you with his recommended treatment plan. The duration of the consultation is usually 20 minutes. However, in complex cases, it may last much longer.

If time permits, Dr. Karoon Agrawal will provide treatment at the end of your consultation. In particular, he takes into consideration patients who must travel long distances and tries to minimize the number of trips required for treatment.

Unlike many practices where patients are treated by dermatologists or non-physicians, Dr. Karoon Agrawal personally conducts all of the consultations and provides all of the treatments for his patients. He is passionate about providing hands-on care for each individual and following the progress of each procedure. He takes pride in providing his patients with the best possible care for the treatment of their ailments.

The initial consultation fee is Rs. 1,200. Treatment charges are separate and vary from patient to patient.

Yes. There are varying degrees of severity when it comes to male breast development, and puffy nipples are often part of the gynecomastia problem. The goal of surgery is to provide reduction and contour for a more masculine-looking chest, which can involve making changes to the nipples.

The tissue removed through male breast reduction surgery will not come back on its own, and in this sense, the surgery is permanent. However, should the patient not make lifestyle changes, and continues to engage in habits that can prompt gynecomastia or psuedogynecomastia, the problem could reoccur. Weight gain later on could also compromise the results of the surgery, if fat accumulates in the chest area.

While it would be nice if there was a magic pill to resolve problems like gynecomastia, the reality is that these products are a gimmick and a waste of money. At this time, the only effective treatment for male breast development is surgery with a skilled plastic surgeon.

All surgery produces some scarring, but the majority of patients can have their chest fullness addressed with only small incisions through which liposuction is performed. In other cases, male breast reduction procedures may include only a very small (1 inch) incision at the bottom of each areola (skin surrounding the nipple). This scar is generally very discreet and should become less prominent over time. For more extensive gynecomastia surgery, additional incisions may be required to tighten the skin, but all scars are minimized as much as possible.

Many people are surprised to hear that performing chest exercises in order to make gynecomastia less noticeable can actually make the problem worse. This is because gynecomastia has nothing to do with the chest muscles, and building out those muscles can increase the volume in the chest that is already overdeveloped from unwanted breast tissue. Following surgery, however, men who build up the chest muscles can expect nice, masculine “pecs” instead of “man boobs”.

The goal of male breast reduction is always a natural appearance and a masculine contour to the chest. Only excess breast tissue is removed since all men have some breast gland tissue. Removing additional tissue would affect the chest contours negatively and make the result appear unnatural. When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, male breast reduction results are typically very symmetrical and natural-looking.

It’s always hard to say whether gynecomastia is a passing phase or not, but the fact is that the problem is usually only temporary in newborns and adolescents. Adult men with gynecomastia shouldn’t expect the problem to go away on its own, as once breast gland tissue has formed, it can only be resolved with surgical excision. Furthermore, if gynecomastia is triggered by prescription or illegal drug use, including anabolic steroids, breast growth can reappear after surgery if the drug use is not ceased.

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